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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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11/23/22  1:25 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

NO COVID vaccine mandate or any other vaccine mandate

For the protection of public health, safety, and welfare, it is necessary to NOT follow the CDC recommended childhood immunization schedule and to NOT add the COVID-19 vaccine to the recommended schedule.


The COVID vaccine should NOT be added to the childhood immunization schedule because:

  1. VDH requirements to follow the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule deters and prevents physicians from educating parents on their child’s health and family history-related contraindications (as listed in the vaccine manufacturer insert and on the CDC website) in order to obtain proper informed consent.


  1. No vaccine is safe for all people


  1. It would mean forced violation of the hypocritic oath to “first do no harm” for all who recommend and administer vaccines to all patients regardless of each individual patient’s contraindications based on their unique health and family history.


  1. IT IS COERCION to require compliance to a CDC-recommended childhood immunization schedule for school attendance


  1. Naturally-induced, post-infection antibodies are superior to vaccine-induced antibodies that last a very short time and fail to protect against the newest strains. COVID-19 vaccine efficacy has been debunked.


  1. Long-term safety studies have not yet been conducted on the COVID-19 vaccines, therefore they have not yet been proven to be safe.


  1. There are alternative, effective, safe treatment options


  1. Submission of biennial safety reports on all vaccines are not enforced, therefore vaccines are not yet proven to be safe


  1. Profound conflict of interest has been ignored and permitted between the many health agencies which influences the CDC’s recommended schedule and influences which safety studies are disclosed or undisclosed. Conflict of interest completely disqualifies all safety studies and all recommendations coming out of the CDC.


  1. As long as it remains legal to fail to disclose the vaccine studies that fail to prove safety and/or efficacy, the legitimacy of safety studies should be questioned.


  1. The vast number of adverse events should be an embarrassment to the vaccine industry and should warrant severe legal repercussion. Countries all around the world (and the state of Florida) have already recognized its risks far outweigh any intended benefits.


  1. Ethical, legitimate, double blind, inert placebo, long-term studies have not been conducted to ensure safety and efficacy.


  1. Manufacturer inserts state the vaccines have NOT been studied for mutagenic, carcinogenic or impairment of fertility. It is impossible to say these vaccines are “safe and effective” when they have never been studies for mutagenic, carcinogenic or impairment of fertility.


Our state health regulatory agencies are set up to guarantee safety. Safety cannot be guaranteed if you require vaccines for all students in order to receive education.


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