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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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11/16/22  7:49 pm
Commenter: Jennifer Herget

No Vaccine Mandate - Why does the CDC need to be sued for hiding covid vax post licensure safety data?  What do they have to hide? - Why is the FDA hiding records about the moderna-covid 19 vaccine approval?

I am disappointed that Virginia was not represented at the Covid-19 Accountability Meeting -

I was also disappointed by the lack of representation at the Virginia Covid Management Committee.  If our media is not telling us and our government is not informing us, then people are not informed.  So until people are informed, there is no informed consent. - click on Documents.  search 5.3.6 and go to pgs. 30-38.  Download it onto your computer and search "autoimmune" for approximately 40 results.  Search "immune-mediated" for approximately 20 results, or search "herpes" for approximately 55 results.  Or try searching "thyroid" or "lymph".  These are all immune issues - and only the adverse events known as of February 28. 2021.  If your immune system is compromised, then your body cannot protect itself properly.  Not only do I know of 7 people that got shingles which is Herpes Zoster (2 in their 20's), but I also know of 6 people that had heart attack, 3 died, one being my husband's uncle 2 days after the booster.  I know of 3 people that their cancer came back and they all passed away.  Another that developed quick onset Alzheimer's and has passed away, a child that now has an auto-immune disease, both daughters of a friend now have lymph node issues, my daughter now has menstrual issues and blood problems.  I know of 3 people that now have neurological issues and 2 that have breast cancer.  I could go on. 

How can we possibly be entertaining the idea of vaccinating our children when ZERO healthy children have died from Covid and children have a 99.97% chance of survival.  See:  

Protect our children!

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