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Amendments to Barbering and Cosmetology Regulations 2012
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CLOSED     Opened on 2/13/2012 and Ended on 3/14/2012

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 Comment Title  Commenter
NOIRA Smooth Day Spa  3/13/12  9:23 am
Continued education Shear Artistry Inc.  3/13/12  6:08 am
What is this? Haley  3/11/12  7:45 pm
explanation of proposed action c. hodges simply hair  3/10/12  9:41 pm
Fees? Changes? WHAT??? Duane Reed  3/8/12  12:40 pm
What this is about? Speak Up! Edna Whited  3/8/12  4:21 am
what is this about Elizabeth plant-miller  3/8/12  12:18 am
CE and fees Rebecca F  3/7/12  9:40 pm
Try Cut Paste into Address Bar Edna Whited VA 1976-current Instructor 1980-current  3/7/12  7:53 pm
Opening the file Juddel Parker  3/7/12  7:43 pm
Information State of Affairs 22% of homeowners are under water Edna Whited VA 1976-current Instructor 1980-current  3/7/12  6:38 pm
Still not clear on what is actually changing Lenise R.  3/7/12  5:05 pm
My fees would be too expensive for me $515 every two years Susan Oneil-Lowder  3/7/12  12:41 pm
$$$ Who Paid for these license Edna Whited VA 1976-current Instructor 1980-current  3/7/12  11:37 am
what is this about? Ingrid Ramirez  3/7/12  11:11 am
What is this about? Pamela Meade  3/7/12  10:56 am
Lobby for National License Naomi Davis, licensed stylist  3/7/12  9:14 am
Back to Basic for the Greater Good of Every Hair Dresser Edna Whited VA 1976-current Instructor 1980-current  3/6/12  4:27 pm
Additional Note Impact Continuing Education Monies Niche Edna Whited VA 1976-current Instructor 1980-current  3/6/12  3:57 pm
mandates to current regulations Jill Armstrong, Instructor  3/6/12  2:57 pm
other things to be considered at the hearing Paul D. Osborne  3/6/12  12:05 pm
Unnecessary increase of license fee Julie  3/6/12  11:40 am
Continuing Education License Renewal Impact Edna Whited VA 1976-current Instructor 1980-current  3/6/12  11:27 am
Comments TaRaysha Smith  3/6/12  10:00 am
What will happen next? Hair Repair  3/6/12  6:48 am
Nail Salons Nail Tech  3/5/12  9:50 pm
not sure what the changes are? Shannon Jefferson  3/5/12  7:52 pm
This is what they are saying Sandra  3/5/12  5:30 pm
NOIRA Dawn Evans  3/5/12  5:15 pm
Offering a Translation to the Proposed Regulatory changes Karen  3/5/12  2:34 pm
In Support of Strictly Maintaining/Enforcing Current Safety Regs AND implementing CE requirements. Crystal A. Rivenbark, FIC Owner, Hair Architecture, LLC  3/5/12  12:02 pm
Regulatory Action? Nancy Armstrong-Gamez  3/5/12  10:59 am
Noira Cosmetology and Barber Regulations LeeAnn Nelbach  3/5/12  8:20 am
Continuing education and license fees Rebecca F  3/5/12  8:17 am
Public health and safety in the Cosmetology Industry Maggie - Educator  3/2/12  9:45 pm
I believe this means that... Candice Lawson  3/2/12  9:05 pm
Regulatory Action Kerry Sadler  3/2/12  8:42 pm
Thorough Explanation Please Kimberly Hill  3/2/12  8:28 pm
Increase in License fees John Rocca, Center Barber shop  3/2/12  7:47 pm
new what????? lori t  3/2/12  7:37 pm
an explanation... HairBrains  3/2/12  7:29 pm
Huh? LAZ  3/2/12  7:22 pm
Why were the extra licensure programs since 2002 needed? HairBrains  3/2/12  7:13 pm
Detailed Review of Regulations Giuseppa Princi  3/2/12  7:02 pm
what is this all about?? stylist  3/2/12  6:40 pm
NOIRA Pam Stacy  3/2/12  6:36 pm
What is this about? Jnnifer Smith  3/2/12  6:14 pm
how will this affect hair stylist stacy  3/2/12  6:14 pm
Regulatory Action what? Cynthia Angell  3/2/12  5:52 pm
I am no longer in this field. Deborah Anderson (former last name Henthorn- Iglar)  3/2/12  5:32 pm
regulatory action carolyn mingee  3/2/12  5:30 pm
state inspection D.M.Spencer, HAIRCUTZ  3/2/12  5:05 pm
Could some one explain what is happening and how will it impact already licensed Hairstylists? Antoinette Piatt  3/2/12  4:30 pm

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