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Regulations of the Board of Nursing [Repealed] [18 VAC 90 ‑ 20]
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Requirements for approval of nursing education programs
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CLOSED     Opened on 8/2/2010 and Ended on 9/1/2010

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Proposed Regulations Andrea Lipsmeyer RN MS; ECPI College of Technology  9/1/10  8:08 pm
Regulations Governing the Practice of Nursing Sharon Farrenkopf, ECPI College of Technology  9/1/10  7:15 pm
Regulations Governing the Practice of Nursing Sharon Farrenkopf, ECPI College of Technology  9/1/10  7:01 pm
Reconsider this horrible decision Rosemary Lewis-Joseph  8/28/10  9:40 am
Please reconsider as nurses are needed now! Joy Hardacre, LPN  8/27/10  12:47 pm
Rethink Online classes for RN's for LPN;S Judy Morrison LPN  8/26/10  12:39 pm
Excelsior College Tom Wheeler  8/26/10  9:55 am
excelsior Aminatu Sheriff  8/23/10  8:09 pm
Let the people have their chance at education Teresa Thomas, LPN  8/22/10  8:29 pm
Limited Licensure Eligibility Excelsior College Boulong Farrell, LPN  8/21/10  10:42 am
Reconsider the future "income" of VA Heather  8/20/10  9:47 pm
LPN to RN Karen Phillip  8/20/10  11:27 am
New MUAs ? Jackie Mitrovic  8/20/10  12:45 am
Support online NLN accredited programs. d palenkas  8/19/10  8:39 pm
Nursing Education from the Regency Programs Queen Baker  8/19/10  7:10 pm
Excelsior nursing program should be allowed in Virginia Bobby Lester  8/19/10  5:29 pm
On-line LPN to RN learning and licensure Merrie Sollers-Stanek  8/19/10  4:44 pm
please reconsider acceptance of Excelcior degree for nursing Tammy Brown LPN, WCC  8/18/10  10:56 pm
please reconsider donna benucci,lpn  8/18/10  9:53 pm
opinion Sandra Velez  8/18/10  4:52 pm
LPN-RN Excelsior Student  8/18/10  10:48 am
Virginia board of Nursing John Tallon Excelsior LPN to RN program  8/18/10  12:34 am
reconsider many people need this program susie ivy dll  8/17/10  7:10 pm
State of Virginia Licensure for Excelsior College Cynthia Boyd LPN  8/17/10  6:55 pm
Paramedic who would like to be an RN William  8/17/10  5:42 pm
Lisensure of online students in Virginia Peg Cavnah Geauga Medical Center , Chardon, Ohio  8/17/10  4:04 pm
Support the students of VA as they further their education through Excelsior College...... Alice Winston Hartless, LPN, LALA  8/17/10  3:34 pm
urge Virginia to keep an excellent college. Excelsior Judy Best  8/17/10  3:16 pm
Excelsior College Kathleen Johnson, LPN  8/17/10  3:16 pm
Excelsior College Kathleen Johnson, LPN  8/17/10  3:10 pm
Please Reconsider Lori Redman  8/17/10  3:03 pm
Restoring opportunity for Excelsior Graduates Alice Situkali, Excelsior College  8/17/10  2:28 pm
Excelsior College Stephen Smith  8/17/10  2:12 pm
RN licensure @ Excelsior cherryland oby-zachary  8/17/10  1:38 pm
RN licensure @ Excelsior cherryland oby-zachary  8/17/10  1:37 pm
RN licensure @ Excelsior cherryland oby-zachary  8/17/10  1:37 pm
Excelsior College Valdina M. Hall, LPN  8/17/10  1:29 pm
Virginia Regulatory Action Carolyn F. Smith, LPN II  8/17/10  1:15 pm
tara raggi NYPD Det/ LPN excelsiore  8/17/10  1:07 pm
changes for excellsior sandra miller  8/17/10  11:39 am
Excelsior Cary Hendrickson  8/17/10  11:11 am
Virginia and Excelsior College Andi Summers  8/17/10  9:44 am
Excelsior Josh McCall  8/17/10  8:49 am
Excelsior Sarah Benson RN, BSN  8/16/10  4:36 pm
edu Bruce Beikman  8/16/10  4:21 pm
Virginia Tracy Altice LPN  8/14/10  9:19 pm
re,virgina excelsior lpnto rn  8/14/10  5:56 pm
Support for ONLINE LEARNING for LPNs K. Baughan, LPN  8/14/10  9:08 am
Please help pamela nicholls  8/14/10  8:32 am
firstime visit news day  8/13/10  6:31 pm
Paramedic for 15 years and now a Home Health Administrator Gary J Althus  8/13/10  5:00 pm
Great Idea!!! Jacob Welch  8/12/10  11:23 pm
excelsior college Stanley Johnson BSN,RN  8/12/10  11:11 pm
Consider Everyday Working People Wanting to Further Their Education M. Wring, LPN  8/12/10  10:26 pm
I believe that the state is making a huge mistake gaelle warren  8/12/10  6:18 pm
Distance Learning for Nurses. Melissa Reddin, Kaplan University  8/12/10  5:06 pm
Excelsior as Viable Option to Nursing Education in Virginia David Christy  8/10/10  10:32 am
Excelsior Deborah Edwards LPN - RN student  8/9/10  6:16 pm
Reconsider distance learning LPN-RN Cynthia White LPN-RN student EXCELSIOR  8/3/10  8:34 pm
Continued Competency Lauren Mullen  8/3/10  10:51 am
Excelsior College Larry Stephens  8/3/10  7:25 am
Urge to reconsider. William Potter  8/3/10  6:40 am
Support for changes that will allow qualified online NLN Accredited Programs to be allowed again David Jewel  8/2/10  11:14 am

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