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Amendment of Regulations Pertaining to Biosolids After Transfer from the Department of Health
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CLOSED     Opened on 2/28/2011 and Ended on 4/29/2011

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Comment Title Commenter
tourism and biosolids jill quinley  4/29/11  9:41 pm
no sludge Pat Eveland, Mill Run Farm  4/29/11  7:01 pm
Shenandoah Riverkeeper Comments on Sludge Regulatory Ammendments - Second Half Shenandoah Riverkeeper  4/29/11  4:18 pm
Ammendment of Regulations Pertaining to Biosolids after Transfer from Dept. of Health Mary Graf, concerned citizen  4/29/11  4:17 pm
Shenandoah Riverkeeper Comments on Sludge Regulatory Ammendments - First Half Shenandoah Riverkeeper - Jeff Kelble  4/29/11  4:16 pm
Other states fight the Synagro dragon who pollute and kill thru sludge application Joy Lorien  4/29/11  3:18 pm
Sludge Delano Kreis  4/29/11  3:00 pm
When government fails to protect Joy Lorien  4/29/11  3:00 pm
Sludge Regulations Leslie Mitchell-Watson  4/29/11  2:50 pm
Sludge Contradicts Chessapeake Cleanup Frank Dixon unaffiliated  4/29/11  2:02 pm
Sludge Amendment Khalil Hassan  4/29/11  1:56 pm
Virginia Pollution Abatement Permit Regulation Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Diana Parker  4/28/11  1:05 pm
Amendments of Biolsolids Regulations - Fatally Flawed Dave Gibson  4/28/11  11:22 am
Amendment of Regulations Pertaining To Biosolids After Transfer From The Department Of Health Al Razik, Senior Engineer, Maryland Environmental Service (MES)  4/27/11  3:17 pm
Reclamation of Mined Lands with Biosolids and Research Use of Biosolids W, Lee Daniels, Virginia Tech Department of Crop and Soil Env. Sciences  4/26/11  11:04 am
Response to 'sewer sludge is safe to put in your mouth' Joy Lorien  4/25/11  3:05 pm
Solutions to Biosolids Land Application/Vermistabilization Jerry Scholder, W.O.R.M.S. (Worms Operating to Reduce Municipal Sludge)  4/23/11  4:35 pm
Application of Biosolids Kent Cuthbertson, Licensed CL III WWTP Operator and Farmer  4/22/11  1:38 pm
Sludge Karen Holley  4/19/11  12:29 pm
No Slurge! Greg Fredke  4/19/11  2:12 am
Virginia is too classy a place to accept out of state sludge. Jonathan Ustun, Member B.A.S.S Federation of America  4/18/11  11:46 pm
Biosolids regulations amendment Edward Knight  4/18/11  9:04 am
A bio-solid by any other name... Bob Dickinson, ODSC  4/16/11  6:14 pm
No Slurge! Mark Henry  4/16/11  5:39 pm
Biosolids in the Shenandoah/Potomac Drainage George Paine, Secretary, Northern Virginia Chapter of Trout Unlimited  4/16/11  4:45 pm
No sludge, please John Moser, Old Dominion Smallmouth Club  4/16/11  3:26 pm
Use some common sense ... seconding Mr. Pfotenhauer Mark Myers, Potomac River Smallmouth Club  4/16/11  1:28 pm
dogs and cats Peter Pfotenhauer (Shenandoah River Keeper member)  4/16/11  12:56 pm
Dumping Sewage Sludge Bobbi Beck  4/15/11  2:23 pm
Way to go! Mark Thompson  4/15/11  2:21 pm CARL HOFFMAN, CITIZEN  4/15/11  1:54 pm
Facebook page on sludge articles Joy Lorien  4/15/11  1:07 pm
how the quality of our environment is sanctioned by a department whose duty protect it is beyond me Joy Lorien  4/15/11  1:05 pm
sludge myths Joy Lorien  4/15/11  1:02 pm
polluting through sludge allowance FYI Joy Lorien  4/15/11  1:00 pm
Amendment to regulations regarding biosolids Harry Wellons, Farmer-Albemarle County  4/15/11  9:42 am
Sludge Dorothy Halligan  4/6/11  8:47 am
Sluge Larry TUMBLIN  4/6/11  8:38 am
Amendment of Regulations Pertaining to Biosolids Lawrence DiJoseph  4/6/11  12:08 am
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