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Stormwater Management Regulations RENUMBERED AS 9 VAC 25-870 [4 VAC 50 ‑ 60]
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Amendments to statewide permit fee schedule and to improve the administration and implementation of fees
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CLOSED     Opened on 6/22/2009 and Ended on 8/21/2009

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 Comment Title  Commenter
I am against 4 VAC 50-60 Duane Snow  8/21/09  4:51 pm
Stormwater Permit Fees Connie Bennett, PE, York County Dept of Environmental & Development Svs  8/21/09  4:36 pm
Proposed parts 1,2,3 and 13 of the Stormwater Regulations Joe Lerch, Virginia Municipal League  8/21/09  3:23 pm
Proposed Storm water regulations Gregory N. Koontz, P.E., L.S. Koontz-Bryant, PC  8/21/09  3:16 pm
Regulations not coordinated stormwater management and will inhibit urban redvelopment Tom Carr  8/21/09  2:13 pm
City of Norfolk comments on Storm Water Regulations John Keifer, City of Norfolk Department of Public Works  8/21/09  12:59 pm
Vote Yes on the Amendments to the Stormwater Management Regulations Karen W. Forget, Lynnhaven River NOW  8/21/09  11:51 am
Chair Emmett Hanger comments on behalf of Commission Rappahannock River Basin Commission  8/21/09  11:48 am
Proposed Stormwater Regulations Megan Gallagher  8/21/09  6:44 am
Fee Increases for Small MS4 Communities Kathryn Moore, City of Manassas Park  8/20/09  3:21 pm
Proposed Revisions to Virginia Stormwater Management Program Permit Regulations Eric D. Spurlock, Virginia Golf Course Superintendents Association  8/20/09  11:39 am
Comments Douglas Brown, Downtown Properties  8/20/09  10:02 am
Support of improved post-construction stormwater runoff regulation Alan Raflo  8/19/09  5:19 pm
Stormwater Regulations Headwaters Soil and Water Conservation District - Land Use Committee  8/19/09  3:52 pm
RUNOFF Dewey Keeton III  8/17/09  8:31 pm
Stormwater Management Regulations (Proposed) June Barrett-McDaniels, PE,CFM  8/17/09  3:03 pm
Not the time for new regulatory burdens and increased home costs Mark D. Trostle, Landscape Architect  8/17/09  2:49 pm
New fees John Strother  8/16/09  10:28 pm
DO NOT APPROVE THE PROPOSED REGULATIONS - FACTS DO NOT SUPPORT CASE Fred Norman, CVC, LLC & Chesterfield Business Council & GRCC  8/15/09  7:18 am
Fee structure Roger Diedrich  8/9/09  8:57 pm
Comments on proposed stormwater regulations. Glenn Telfer, PE  8/6/09  7:01 am
Stormwater Regulations comment Thomas Long, Citizen, Spotsylvania County, VA  8/5/09  6:02 pm
stormwater regulations Mary Ellin Arch, Transurban and Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce  8/5/09  9:14 am
I support stormwater regulation improvements Robert M. Spiller, Jr.  8/4/09  10:27 pm
Proposed Stormwater Regulations Marc Jaccard  8/4/09  11:46 am
reducing stormwater pollution is 3rd stage of the solution Mac Mestayer  8/4/09  9:41 am
Stormwater Fees and watershed protection Matthew Snow, LEED AP  7/29/09  2:40 pm
Fee schedule for VSMP permits David Warriner, PE  7/16/09  6:44 pm
Storm Water Rules Bill Towler - President - Grove Avenue Pharmacy  7/13/09  9:27 pm
proposed changes to DCR rules re stormwater polution / permits Keystone Builders Resource Group  7/13/09  11:52 am
Phosphorous runoff Mark Griffith Va Certified Horticulturist #2322  7/9/09  3:23 pm
Stormwater Regs 1,2, 3 and 13 Gina Faber, Sustainable Loudoun  7/2/09  6:54 pm
VA Storm Water management Program Regulatory Update Thomas Jordan  6/29/09  1:20 pm

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