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Part V
Disciplinary Provisions

18VAC90-20-300. Disciplinary provisions.

A. The board has the authority to deny, revoke or suspend a license or multistate licensure privilege issued, or to otherwise discipline a licensee or holder of a multistate licensure privilege upon proof that the licensee or holder of a multistate licensure privilege has violated any of the provisions of § 54.1-3007 of the Code of Virginia. For the purpose of establishing allegations to be included in the notice of hearing, the board has adopted the following definitions:

1. Fraud or deceit in procuring or maintaining a license means, but shall not be limited to:

a. Filing false credentials;

b. Falsely representing facts on an application for initial license, reinstatement or renewal of a license; or

c. Giving or receiving assistance in the taking of the licensing examination.

2. Unprofessional conduct means, but shall not be limited to:

a. Performing acts beyond the limits of the practice of professional or practical nursing as defined in Chapter 30 (§ 54.1-3000 et seq.) of Title 54.1 of the Code of Virginia, or as provided by §§ 54.1-2901 and 54.1-2957 of the Code of Virginia;

b. Assuming duties and responsibilities within the practice of nursing without adequate training or when competency has not been maintained;

c. Obtaining supplies, equipment or drugs for personal or other unauthorized use;

d. Employing or assigning unqualified persons to perform functions that require a licensed practitioner of nursing;

e. Falsifying or otherwise altering patient, employer, student, or educational program records, including falsely representing facts on a job application or other employment-related documents;

f. Abusing, neglecting or abandoning patients or clients;

g. Practice of a clinical nurse specialist beyond that defined in 18VAC90-20-290;

h. Representing oneself as or performing acts constituting the practice of a clinical nurse specialist unless so registered by the board;

i. Delegating nursing tasks to an unlicensed person in violation of the provisions of Part VIII (18VAC90-20-420 et seq.) of this chapter;

j. Giving to or accepting from a patient or client property or money for any reason other than fee for service or a nominal token of appreciation;

k. Obtaining money or property of a patient or client by fraud, misrepresentation or duress;

l. Entering into a relationship with a patient or client that constitutes a professional boundary violation in which the nurse uses his professional position to take advantage of the vulnerability of a patient, a client or his family, to include but not limited to actions that result in personal gain at the expense of the patient or client, a nontherapeutic personal involvement or sexual conduct with a patient or client;

m. Violating state laws relating to the privacy of patient information, including but not limited to § 32.1-127.1:03 of the Code of Virginia;

n. Providing false information to staff or board members in the course of an investigation or proceeding; or

o. Failing to report evidence of child abuse or neglect as required in § 63.2-1509 of the Code of Virginia or elder abuse or neglect as required in § 63.2-1606 of the Code of Virginia; or

o. p. Violating any provision of this chapter.

B. Any sanction imposed on the registered nurse license of a clinical nurse specialist shall have the same effect on the clinical nurse specialist registration.