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Part I
General Provisions

18VAC65-40-10. Definitions

In addition to words and terms defined in ยง 54.1-2800 of the Code of Virginia, the following words and terms when used in this chapter shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

"Direct supervision" means that a licensed funeral service professional is present and on the premises of the facility.

"Supervisor" means a licensed employee at the training site who has been approved by the board to provide supervision for the funeral intern.

"Training site" means the licensed funeral establishment which, facility, or institution that has agreed to serve as the a location for a funeral service internship and has been approved by the board.


18VAC65-40-90. Renewal of registration.

A. The funeral service intern registration shall expire on March 31 of each calendar year and may be renewed by submission of the renewal notice and prescribed fee.

B. A person who fails to renew a registration by the expiration date shall be deemed to have an invalid registration. No credit will be allowed for an internship period served under an expired registration.

C. The funeral service intern is responsible for notifying the board within 14 days of any changes in name, address, employment, or supervisor. Any notices shall be validly given when mailed to the address on record with the board.


18VAC65-40-220. Qualifications of training site.

A. The board shall approve only an establishment or two combined establishments to serve as the training site or sites which that:

1. Have a full and unrestricted Virginia license;

2. Have complied in all respects with the provisions of the regulations of the Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers; and

3. Have 50 or more funerals and 50 or more bodies for embalming over a 12-month period for each person to be trained. This total must be maintained throughout the period of training. If the establishment does not meet the required number of funerals or embalmings, the funeral service intern may seek approval for an additional training site.

B. The board may grant approval for a resident trainee to receive all or a portion of the embalming training at a facility of state or federal government or an accredited educational institution.


18VAC65-40-250. Requirements for supervision.

A. Training shall be conducted under the direct supervision of a licensee or licensees approved by the board. Credit shall only be allowed for training under direct supervision.

B. The board shall approve only funeral service licensees, licensed funeral directors, or licensed embalmers to give funeral training who have a full and unrestricted Virginia funeral license, have at least two consecutive years in practice and are employed full time in or under contract with the establishment, facility, or institution where training occurs.

C. A supervisor licensed as an embalmer or a funeral director shall provide supervision only in the areas of funeral practice for which he is licensed.

D. Failure to register as a supervisor may subject the licensee to disciplinary action by the board.

E. If a supervisor is unable or unwilling to continue providing supervision, the funeral service intern shall obtain a new supervisor. Credit for training shall resume when a new supervisor is approved by the board and the intern has paid the prescribed fee for the change of supervisor.


18VAC65-40-320. Reports to the board.

A. The intern, the supervisor or supervisors, and the establishment shall submit a written report to the board at the end of every 1,000 hours of training. The report shall:

1. Specify the period of time in which the 1,000 hours has been completed and verify that the intern has actually served in the required capacity during the preceding period; and

2. Be received in the board office no later than 10 14 days following the end of the completion of 1,000 hours. Late reports may result in additional time being added to the internship.

B. If the internship is terminated or interrupted prior to completion of 1,000 hours or if the intern is changing supervisors or training sites, the intern and the supervisor shall submit a partial report to the board with a written explanation of the cause of program termination or interruption or of the change in training or supervision.

1. The partial report shall provide the amount of time served and the dates since the last reporting period. Credit for partial reports shall be given for the number of hours of training completed.

2. Partial reports shall be received in the board office no later than 10 14 days after the interruption or termination of the internship or after the change in supervisors or training sites. Credit may be deducted for late reports.