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Regulations Banning Concealed Firearms in Offices Occupied by Executive Branch Agencies [1 VAC 30 ‑ 105]
Action Promulgation of new regulation banning concealed firearms in executive branch agency offices
Stage Emergency/NOIRA
Comment Period Ends 1/27/2016
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12/17/15  9:24 am
Commenter: Phil Townley

Governor's decision to disarm it's citizens on state property makes citizens soft targets for crime.

Banning citizens the right to lawfully carry firearms on state property will only effect the law abiding citizens. Criminals, terroist and other undersirable offenders do not care what the law is when planning or carrying out violent acts against other humans. Murder is against the law and has been for a while but this does not stop those intent on bringing mayhem and suffering to others. The only thing that would stop an armed assailant from doing harm to others could very well be an armed citizen (good guy with a gun). This ban effectes me personally, as a retired Virginia law enforcement officer who meets federal and state requirements annually to carry a concealed weapon, I would be prohibited from posession a firearm on state property. 

It is unclear how this Governor thinks he has the authority to impose this ban or regulation as such authority to do so rest with the Virginia General Assembly and has not been granted to the Governor.

This regulatory ban should not be approved and the emergency regulation should be withdrawn. Additional, the comment period should be extend for another 30 days to offer the public time to comment. Virginia citizens have had very little notice concerning this regulatory ban.


Phil Townley

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