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Regulations Banning Concealed Firearms in Offices Occupied by Executive Branch Agencies [1 VAC 30 ‑ 105]
Action Promulgation of new regulation banning concealed firearms in executive branch agency offices
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12/16/15  12:15 am
Commenter: Wayne Robinson

Restricting legal carrying of firearms in Government buildings is wrong

To whom it may concern:

This policy the Governor is trying to push thru with an Executive order, is another example of his disdain for Virginia and Honest Concealed and open carry individuals. The only thing this Governor wants is total Gun Control and eventual gun confiscation, not unlike his hero in the White house.

In this day and age criminals look for Gun free zones: take for example banks that have no guns allowed are ten times more likely to be robbed than banks that do not restrict Gun carrying. I might add by lawfully citizens.

Colleges and schools that restrict legal gun carrying citizens is a prime place for sick minded and criminals to act out their vengeance.

This Governor who comes from a state where law abiding citizens are criminals and the criminals are treated like heroes. Yes New York. The Governors mentality is all gun owners are criminals and can not be trusted to do day  by day activities with their legal rights to do so.

I would hope more people get involved with this issue,  to tell this carpet bagging Governor to find something worthwhile to go after rather than law abiding citizens who have gone thru extensive background checks paid their dues to the state and carry legally. 1% out of 100% commit some kind of crime as a concealed permit holder. That is small considering how many crimes in Richmond happen every day.

How many times has Virginia seen a criminal use a gun to kill or rob someone or a place. The police can not get to a crime scene quick enough in almost all instances. Unless they happen to be in the area when it happens.

Concealed handgun permit holders can and do stop many crimes before they happen and subdue the criminal until the police arrive.

I would much rather know the decent person who is standing in line or in a building is carrying. I am a military veteran with years of handgun small and large caliber weapons, I know what deadly force means and know when to use a gun and when not to.

Who would you trust me or someone who is suspicious looking or someone who comes in intent to do bodily harm. Think about the possibilities and the world we live in today. Terrible things are happening all around us but this Governor would rather take our rights away and give the criminals a free road to devastation.

Thank you

Wayne Robinson

USA retired and a gun owner

PS if you don't like what I said so be it I said it and i stand behind what i said.



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