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Periodic Review status of 105 chapters for the Marine Resources Commission.
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4 VAC 20-10 Pertaining to Taking of Fishing in Broad and Linkhorn Bays
4 VAC 20-20 Pertaining to the Licensing of Fixed Fishing Devices
4 VAC 20-25 Pertaining to Pound Net Siting Public Interest Review
4 VAC 20-30 Pertaining to the Licensing of Crab Traps and Pounds
4 VAC 20-40 Regulations Pertaining to Crab Catch Limits
4 VAC 20-60 Pertaining to the Display of Licenses to Catch Finfish or Crabs
4 VAC 20-70 Pertaining to the Harvesting of Clams
4 VAC 20-80 Pertaining to the Setting of Fishing Devices Proximate to Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
4 VAC 20-90 Pertaining to Dredging for Crabs
4 VAC 20-100 Pertaining to the Taking of Clams on Seaside of Eastern Shore
4 VAC 20-110 Pertaining to Lobsters
4 VAC 20-120 Pertaining to the Promulgation of a Public Notice on Applications to Encroach IN, On or Over Subaqueous Lands of the Commonwealth
4 VAC 20-130 Pertaining to Prohibited Areas for Use of Patent Tongs
4 VAC 20-140 Pertaining to the Identification and Location of Fish Pots
4 VAC 20-150 Pertaining to the Dredging of Conchs (Also Known as Whelks)
4 VAC 20-170 Pertaining to the Removal of Nets From Fixed Fishing Devices
4 VAC 20-190 Pertaining to Measuring Mesh Size of Menhaden Nets
4 VAC 20-200 Pertaining to the Requirements for Reporting Oyster Transactions and Payment of Taxes
4 VAC 20-220 Pertaining to the Taking of Finfish By Gill Nets
4 VAC 20-230 Pertaining to the Harvesting of Surf Clams
4 VAC 20-240 Pertaining to the Tangier Island Crab Scrape Sanctuary
4 VAC 20-252 Pertaining to the Taking of Striped Bass
4 VAC 20-260 Pertaining to Designation of Seed Areas and Clean Cull Areas
4 VAC 20-270 Pertaining to Crabbing
4 VAC 20-280 Pertaining to Speckled Trout and Red Drum
4 VAC 20-290 Pertaining to Marking of Leased Oyster Planting Ground
4 VAC 20-300 Pertaining to Crab Catch Limits
4 VAC 20-310 Pertaining to the Relaying of Shellfish
4 VAC 20-320 Pertaining to the Taking of Black Drum
4 VAC 20-330 Pertaining to the Taking of Shellfish From Condemned Areas
4 VAC 20-333 Virginia General Permit for Projects undertaken by the Virginia Department of Transporation In, On, or Over State-Owned Subaqueous Lands Anywhere Within the Commonwealth
4 VAC 20-335 Pertaining to on-Bottom Shellfish Aquaculture Activities
4 VAC 20-336 General Permit for Noncommercial Riparian Shellfish Growing (I.E. "Gardening") Activities
4 VAC 20-337 Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) Transplantation Guidelines
4 VAC 20-340 Public Participation Guidelines
4 VAC 20-345 General Wetlands Permit for Emergency Situations
4 VAC 20-350 Pertaining to Prohibiting the Sale of Billfish
4 VAC 20-360 Criteria for the Siting of Marinas or Community Facilities for Boat Mooring
4 VAC 20-370 Pertaining to the Culling of Crabs
4 VAC 20-380 Pertaining to Grey Trout (Weakfish)
4 VAC 20-390 Wetlands Mitigation-Compensation Policy
4 VAC 20-391 Guidelines for the Establishment, Use and Operation of Tidal Wetland Mitigation Banks in Virginia
4 VAC 20-398 Ballast Water Discharge Reporting
4 VAC 20-400 Criteria for the Placement of Sandy Dredged Material Along Beaches in the Commonwealth
4 VAC 20-410 Pertaining to the Use of Patent Tongs
4 VAC 20-420 Pertaining to the Use of Trawls in the Territorial Sea
4 VAC 20-430 Pertaining to the Marking and Minimum Mesh Size of Gill Nets
4 VAC 20-440 Coastal Primary Sand Dune/Reaches Guidelines: Barrier Island Policy
4 VAC 20-450 Pertaining to the Taking of Bluefish
4 VAC 20-460 Pertaining to the Use of Crab Traps and Pounds
4 VAC 20-470 Pertaining to Hampton Roads Management Area
4 VAC 20-480 Pertaining to Eastern Shore Bayside Management Areas
4 VAC 20-490 Pertaining to Sharks
4 VAC 20-500 Pertaining to the Catching of Eels
4 VAC 20-510 Pertaining to Amberjack and Cobia
4 VAC 20-520 Pertaining to the Use of Patent Tongs
4 VAC 20-530 Pertaining to American Shad
4 VAC 20-540 Pertaining to Spanish and King Mackerel
4 VAC 20-550 Pertaining to the Removal of Gill Nets and Other Non-fixed Finfishing Gear
4 VAC 20-560 Pertaining to the York River, Poquoson River, and Back River Shellfish Management Areas and the James River Broodstock Management Area
4 VAC 20-561 Pertaining to a Hampton Flats Hard Clam Harvest Area
4 VAC 20-566 Pertaining to the Hampton Roads Shellfish Relay Area
4 VAC 20-570 Pertaining to the Use of Firearms to Take Fish
4 VAC 20-580 Pertaining to the Alteration of Finfish
4 VAC 20-590 Pertaining to the Taking of Hard Clams
4 VAC 20-600 Pertaining to Pound Net License Sales
4 VAC 20-610 Pertaining to Commercial Fishing and Mandatory Harvest Reporting
4 VAC 20-620 Pertaining to Summer Flounder
4 VAC 20-650 Establishment of Oyster Sanctuary Areas
4 VAC 20-670 Pertaining to Recreational Gear Licenses
4 VAC 20-680 Pertaining to Gill Nets
4 VAC 20-700 Pertaining to Crab Pots
4 VAC 20-720 Pertaining to Restrictions on Oyster Harvest
4 VAC 20-730 Pertaining to Nonresident Harvesters License Fee
4 VAC 20-740 Pertaining to the Snagging of Fish
4 VAC 20-750 Pertaining to Crab Dredge License Sales
4 VAC 20-751 Pertaining to the Setting and Mesh Size of Gill Nets
4 VAC 20-752 Pertaining to the Blue Crab Sanctuaries
4 VAC 20-754 Pertaining to Importation of Fish, Shellfish or Crustacea
4 VAC 20-755 Pertaining to Artificial Reefs
4 VAC 20-880 Pertaining to Hard Crab and Peeler Pot License Sales
4 VAC 20-890 Pertaining to Channeled Whelk
4 VAC 20-900 Pertaining to Horseshoe Crab
4 VAC 20-910 Pertaining to Scup (Porgy)
4 VAC 20-920 Pertaining to Landing Licenses
4 VAC 20-950 Pertaining to Black Sea Bass
4 VAC 20-960 Pertaining to Tautog
4 VAC 20-970 Pertaining to Spadefish
4 VAC 20-980 Pertaining to On-Shore Loading and Unloading of Shellfish From Condemned Areas
4 VAC 20-995 Pertaining to Commercial Hook-and-Line Fishing
4 VAC 20-1010 Pertaining to Dredging in Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
4 VAC 20-1020 Pertaining to Bay Scallops
4 VAC 20-1030 Management Plan for the Ungranted State Lands in Accomack and Northampton Counties
4 VAC 20-1040 Pertaining to Crabbing Licenses
4 VAC 20-1045 Pertaining to Establishment of Restricted Areas
4 VAC 20-1050 Restricted area at Northrup Grumman/Newport News Shipbuilding Company
4 VAC 20-1060 Restricted area at Dominion Power/Nuclear Power Station
4 VAC 20-1065 Pertaining to Establishment of Restricted Area-Plum Tree Island Wildlife Refuge Range
4 VAC 20-1070 Pertaining to Haul Seines
4 VAC 20-1080 Pertaining to Monkfish (Goosefish)
4 VAC 20-1090 Pertaining to Licensing Requirements and License Fees
4 VAC 20-1100 Pertaining to Shellfish Handling
4 VAC 20-1120 Pertaining to Tilefish and Groupers
4 VAC 20-1130 General Permit #4 for Temporary Protective Enclosures for Shellfish
4 VAC 20-1140 Prohibition of Crab Dredging in Virginia's Tidal Waters
Scheduling Notes