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Department of Social Services
Child Day-Care Council
19 guidance documents relevant to this board for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
APP1 Administrative Disqualification Hearings 1/1/2010 
APP2 Child Protective Services Appeals 4/1/2011 
BP8 Virginia EBT Guidance Manual 2019 8/22/2019 
CS1 Virginia State Plan for Child Support Enforcement 7/1/2015 
CVS1 Neighborhood Assistance Program Donor Fact Sheet 5/30/2019 
FA1 FACT's Framework for Building & Maintaining a Trauma-Informed Community Network 12/12/2019 
FS10 Child & Family Services Manual, Chapter D, Resource Family Home Approval 10/31/2019 
FS11 Child & Family Services Manual Chapter J-Promoting Safe & Stable Families 3/19/2020 
FS12 Child & Family Services Manual Chapter A, Practice Foundations 3/19/2020 
FS6 Child & Family Services Manual Chapter E - Foster Care 7/25/2019  Changes Being Made
FS8 Child & Family Services Manual Chapter F-Adoption 8/22/2019  Changes Being Made
OD1 Administrative HR Manual Introduction & Chapter 1 EEO 10/19/2011 
OD2 Administrative HR Manual Chapter 2 Classification & Compensation 6/1/2020 
OD3 Administrative HR Manual Chapter 3 Recruitment & Selection 7/25/2018 
OD4 Administrative HR Manual Chapter 4 Leave 5/1/2015 
OD5 Administrative HR Manual Chapter 5 Operations of the LDSS 3/1/2014 
OD6 Administrative HR Manual Chapter 6 Performance Evaluation & Standards of Conduct 11/1/2013 
OD7 Administrative HR Manual Chapter 7 Discipline & Termination of Employment 11/1/2013 
OD8 Administrative HR Manual Chapter 8 Personnel Records 7/1/2014