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Mandate 96

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Mandate Title:
Scoliosis Screening for Public School Students
Purpose of legislation
Scoliosis screening for public school students. Directs each school board to provide parent educational information or, within the time periods specified in Board of Education regulations, to implement a program of regular screening for scoliosis for pupils in grades 5 through 10, unless such students are pupils admitted for the first time to a public school and have been tested as part of the required comprehensive physical examination, or the parents of such students have indicated their preference that their children not participate in such screening. Local school boards are to develop procedures for parents to indicate their desire to "opt out." The Board of Education is to promulgate regulations for the implementation of the screening program, which shall address, but shall not be limited to, requirements and training for school personnel and volunteers who may conduct such screenings; procedures for the notification of parents when evidence of scoliosis is detected; and such other provisions as the Board deems necessary. Local divisions may seek volunteers from among health care professionals.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 894 (2003)
VAC chapters to be amended Not yet determined.
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 1358: Promulgate new regulations
Latest Stage: Final
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