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Existing Stationary Sources [9 VAC 5 ‑ 40]
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Action 3131 / Stage 5675
Proposed Stage
red ball Proposed Text 9/10/2010  5:39 pm  
pdf Agency Statement 9/10/2010    
pdf Attorney General Certification 9/17/2010    
pdf DPB Economic Impact Analysis 11/16/2010   (modified 11/17/2010)    

Exempt from APA No, this stage/action is subject to article 2 of the Administrative Process Act and the standard executive branch review process.
Attorney General Review Submitted on 9/10/2010
Review Completed: 9/17/2010
Result: Certified
DPB Review Submitted on 10/2/2010
Review Completed: 11/17/2010
May have adverse effect on small business? NO
DPB's policy memo is "Governor's Confidential Working Papers"
Secretary Review Secretary of Natural Resources Review Completed: 6/4/2014
Governor's Review Governor's office review in progress.  [Day 173]
Virginia Registrar Not yet submitted
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