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Guidance Documents    Periodic Reviews
12 Active Chapters and 7 Repealed
VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
6 VAC 35‑11   Public Participation Guidelines Periodic Review 12/4/2018
6 VAC 35‑20   Regulations Governing the Certification Process Periodic Review 11/8/2018
6 VAC 35‑30   Regulation for State Reimbursement of Local Juvenile Residential Facility Costs Periodic Review 10/22/2018
6 VAC 35‑41   Regulation Governing Juvenile Group Homes and Halfway Houses NOIRA Stage Published 10/31/2016
6 VAC 35‑60   Minimum Standards for Virginia Delinquency Prevention and Youth Development Act Grant Programs Periodic Review 10/22/2018
6 VAC 35‑71   Regulation Governing Juvenile Correctional Centers NOIRA Stage Published 10/3/2016
6 VAC 35‑101   Regulation Governing Juvenile Secure Detention Centers Fast-Track Stage Published 7/8/2019
6 VAC 35‑150   Standards for Nonresidential Services Available to Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts Periodic Review 9/26/2018
6 VAC 35‑160   Regulations Governing Juvenile Record Information and the Virginia Juvenile Justice Information System Final Stage Published 8/21/2017
6 VAC 35‑170   Minimum Standards for Research Involving Human Subjects or Records of the Department of Juvenile Justice Final Stage Published 10/31/2016
6 VAC 35‑180   Regulations Governing Mental Health Services Transition Plans for Incarcerated Juveniles. Periodic Review 9/26/2018
6 VAC 35‑190   Regulations Governing Juvenile Work Release Programs Periodic Review 12/4/2018
Repealed / Renumbered / Withdrawn
6 VAC 35‑10   [REPEALED] Public Participation Guidelines Final Stage Withdrawn 8/29/2006
6 VAC 35‑40   [REPEALED] Pre Dispositional and Post Dispositional Group Home Standards    
6 VAC 35‑50   [REPEALED] Standards for Interdepartmental Regulation of Residential Facilities for Children Final Stage Published 1/11/2000
6 VAC 35‑51   [REPEALED] Standards for the Interim Regulations of Children's Residential Facilities Fast-Track Stage Published 12/29/2014
6 VAC 35‑90   [REPEALED] Standards for Post Dispositional Confinement for Secure Detention and Court Service Units    
6 VAC 35‑110   [REPEALED] Minimum Standards for Court Services in Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts    
6 VAC 35‑140   [REPEALED] Standards for Juvenile Residential Facilities Fast-Track Stage Published 12/29/2014