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Regulations Governing the Registration of Qualified Mental Health Professionals [under development] [18 VAC 115 ‑ 80]
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Initial regulations for registration of Qualified Mental Health Professionals
Emergency/NOIRA Stage - View the regulatory documents

CLOSED     Opened on 1/8/2018 and Ended on 2/7/2018

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Additional concerns related to Documentation requirements Lisa Snider, Loudoun County MHSADS  2/7/18  9:29 pm
QMHP Regulations Mike Carlin, Virginia Assocaition of Community Based Providers (VACBP)  2/7/18  6:19 pm
Education and Experience Holly Albrite  2/7/18  3:18 pm
QMHP Regulations Cheryl Williams Goochland Powhatan Community Services  2/7/18  2:45 pm
In order for new staff to be credentialed as a QMHP they must meet both education and experience Holly Albrite  2/7/18  2:09 pm
Qmhp regulation on human services alternative Fabrina Goodell  2/7/18  9:22 am
Concern About QMHP Regualtions Cumberland Mountain CSB  2/5/18  3:01 pm
QMHP Comments related to the Application process Kathy Nelson HRCSB  2/5/18  2:54 pm
QMHP Feedback Kim Harrison, LCSW - Lutheran Family Services of Virginia - Winchester, VA  2/5/18  12:56 pm
QMHP Regulations Jennifer G Fidura, VNPP, Inc.  2/3/18  2:06 pm
QMHP Regulations Christina Laws  2/2/18  11:42 am
Concerns and questions regarding 18VAC-115-80 Lisa Snider, Loudoun County MHSADS  2/1/18  12:40 pm
QMHP certification Amit Shah, MD  1/29/18  1:59 pm
QMHP Jennifer Switzer, PhD, LPC; Horizon Behavioral Health  1/29/18  12:29 pm
QMHP Genhi Whitmer, LPC, Region Ten CSB  1/27/18  6:26 pm
QMHP credential Joanna Bryant  1/26/18  11:34 am
QMHP registration Denise Malone  1/26/18  8:45 am
QMHP Regulation Comment Kathy Nelson HRCSB  1/25/18  1:31 pm
QMHP-A/ C Registration Concerns Julia Campbell, BSW Quality Assurance----Piedmont CSB  1/24/18  4:50 pm
Comments related to QMHP Regulations Bob Horne, Norfolk CSB  1/23/18  11:33 am
QMHP registration Jordan Hyde, DPCS  1/23/18  8:43 am
Registration of new hire QMHPS. Scott Philbrook, EHS  1/16/18  4:46 pm
Considerations for QMHP regulations Melissa Peddy, LPC, Mount Rogers Community Services Board  1/16/18  10:08 am
QMHP Registration Jenny Brummitt/ EHS  1/16/18  10:05 am
QMHP-C Andrew Peddy, LPC, Mt. Rogers CSB  1/10/18  3:54 pm
Registration for QMHP's Alyce Dantzler  1/9/18  5:21 pm

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