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General Notice: Medicaid Member Advisory Committee Inaugural Meeting

CLOSED     Opened on 3/1/2019 and Ended on 4/1/2019

            Medicaid Member Advisory Committee (MAC)

The Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) is establishing the Medicaid Member Advisory Committee (MAC) in order to provide a vehicle for members’ voices to be included in the DMAS decision-making process and to inform DMAS change management strategies.  The committee is made up of Medicaid-enrolled individuals and the DMAS Director or her designee.

DMAS is committed to examining its programs and services to ensure that the best results are achieved for the Medicaid members.  The Committee Members will examine and provide input on the impact of DMAS services and programs on their health care. The goal is to obtain the insight and recommendations of Virginia’s Medicaid enrollees in order to help DMAS improve individuals' program enrollment and health care delivery.

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