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General Notice: Draft regulations for autonomous practice for nurse practitioners

CLOSED     Opened on 5/22/2018 and Ended on 6/21/2018

Notice of Request for Comment on DRAFT Regulations

Comment Period:  May 22, 2018 to June 21, 2018

The Boards of Medicine and Nursing are seeking public comment on Draft Regulations to implement HB793 (Chapter 776 of 2018 General Assembly), legislation to authorize nurse practitioners who meet certain qualifications to practice without a practice agreement with a patient care team physician.

On May 17, 2018, the Committee of the Joint Boards of Nursing and Medicine and its Advisory Committee, serving as the Regulatory Advisory Panel, adopted recommended amendments to nurse practitioner regulations to implement the provisions of HB793.

The Board of Nursing will consider the draft regulations on July 17, 2018, and the Board of Medicine will consider the draft regulations on August 3, 2018.  In order to comply with the second enactment on the bill requiring regulations to be in effective ...... read the full general notice

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 Comment Title  Commenter
HB 793 Lisa Krieg, DNP, FNP-BC, Bon Secours Health System  5/22/18  9:11 pm
HB793 Draft Reguations Cynthia M Fagan  5/22/18  9:33 pm
HB793 Ameanthea Blanco-Knezovich, DNP, FNP-C  5/22/18  10:10 pm
HB 793 draft regulations Susan Roberts, ANP  5/23/18  5:28 am
HB 793 Draft Regulations Mary Nichols, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC  5/23/18  9:27 am
Regulations for HB 793 Carole Everhart, Everhart Primary Health Care  5/23/18  12:51 pm
HB 793 Melissa Tucker, CMG Altavista  5/23/18  1:09 pm
HB 793 Regs Shelly Smith, DNP, ANP-BC  5/25/18  7:58 am
Draft regulations need no further barriers added. Valerie Wrobel, MSN, AGNP, BC  5/25/18  1:46 pm
Support of HB 793 Draft Regulations Debbie Dellinger  5/27/18  8:03 am
HB 793 Regulations Marilyn Grossman  5/29/18  9:31 pm
Support of HB 793 Regulations Brittany K HInes, MSN AGACNP-BC FNP-C  5/30/18  3:08 pm
Support for HB793 Cathy Duncan, FNP  5/31/18  10:54 am
Support of HB 793 Tracey Avery-Geter, MSN, WHNP-BC  6/1/18  12:57 pm
HB 793 draft regulations Dian Evans, PhD, FNP-BC, ENP-BC American Academy of Emergency NPs  6/3/18  9:21 am
HB 793 Cherie Wright, FNP-BC  6/3/18  9:40 pm
HB793 Draft Regulations Marsha Stonehill, MSN, PMHNP/CNS, BC  6/3/18  10:24 pm
In support of HB 793 Hishani Perera, Embracing Health  6/3/18  10:51 pm
HB793 Regulations, Comments Sapient Health Services, PLLC  6/4/18  12:48 pm
Full practice authority for nurse practitioners Christopher Steven Hewitt  6/5/18  5:03 pm
Support Caroline Stowe  6/5/18  7:13 pm
HB793 Heather Blair MSN FNP-BC  6/5/18  11:01 pm
In support of reducing VA NP practice restrictions Brianna Garcia, MSN candidate University of Pennsylvania  6/5/18  11:30 pm
HB793 Virginia Thurston, MSN, FNP-BC  6/6/18  11:10 am
HB793 Rosie Taylor-Lewis, DNP, ANP-BC, GNP, PMHNP student RU; Interim PD DNP SUO  6/6/18  4:11 pm
HB793 draft regulation Suzanne Barron  6/6/18  4:13 pm
Draft Regulations for NP Practice Kathryn Whitley, M.S.N., NP-C Henry-Martinsville Health Department  6/6/18  5:05 pm
In Support of the Draft Regulations for HB 793 Carola Bruflat MSN WHNP-BC/FNP-BC  6/6/18  6:04 pm
HB 793 Hazel L. Ruff  6/6/18  7:28 pm
HB793 Karen Hill  6/6/18  8:55 pm
HB 793 Nancy Hargis  6/6/18  10:05 pm
draft regulations cheryl oscar  6/7/18  9:13 am
support of passage of the current draft regulations which will help ensure that the legislation mai Jan Zarefoss, AGACNP -BC  6/7/18  1:53 pm
CBD. THCA oil Brandon Burr, FNP, PMHNP, 757 Family Medicine  6/7/18  3:14 pm
HB793 Candi O’Rourke, WHNP-BC  6/8/18  9:29 pm
RE: HB 793 Danielle E. Chellappoo, NP-C, AOCNP  6/9/18  10:00 am
HB 793 Diane Hancock,MSN,GNP,RN  6/10/18  12:20 pm
HB 793 Pamela S. McCullough, CPNP, CNE, DNP  6/11/18  9:13 am
HB 793 Megan Hebdon, Pulaski Free Clinic and Radford University  6/14/18  9:07 pm
Draft regulations for HB 793 Anne Bejian MSN NP-C  6/14/18  10:10 pm
HB 793 Sarah W. Southard  6/15/18  12:05 pm
Support to implement HB793 Charles Fisher, ACNP, UVA Health System  6/16/18  7:44 am
Support of HB793 Kristine Schultz, RN - Riverside Regional Medical Center  6/17/18  12:01 pm
In support of the draft regulation for HB 793 Tirsit Abebe BSN-RN, DREAM-HOPE Home healthcare services  6/17/18  1:57 pm
HB793 SUPPORT Linda Wilkinson, Va. Assoc. of Free & Charitable Clinics  6/19/18  3:01 pm
HB 793 Barbara Heidi Wilson, NP  6/19/18  3:11 pm
In support of HB793 Karen Budd, MSN, FNP-BC, George Mason University  6/19/18  9:23 pm
Support of HB793 Joseph Grisetti, Carilion Clinic  6/20/18  7:39 am
Support of HB 793 as is. Mike Hanger; West Point Family Practice  6/20/18  8:24 am
Support the draft regulations for HB 793 Kathryn B. Reid  6/20/18  8:57 am
Finding collaborating physicians Margarita Simón  6/20/18  8:59 am
HB793 Deborah Hayes RN MSN FNP-C, Piedmont Pediatrics  6/20/18  9:07 am
Hb 793. Deborah Quinn, Dermatology  6/20/18  9:34 am
Support HB 793 Bon Secours Primary Care Chesapeake Virginia  6/20/18  10:07 am
Support HB 793 Barbara G. Schimming, MSN, RN, FNP-C Bon Secours Primary Care  6/20/18  10:09 am
Support draft regulations HB793 Sandra Hearn DNP CPNP Eastern Shore Rural Health System  6/20/18  6:46 pm
support draft regulation for HB793 Christine Schmitthenner,  6/20/18  8:25 pm
Support for HB 793 Draft Regulations Kori Lapham, FNP-Inova Health Systems-Urgent Care  6/20/18  10:39 pm
HB793 Lydia D. Shelton, WHNP/FNP  6/21/18  6:12 am
HB793 B Walsh, Sinclair Health Clinic  6/21/18  8:29 am
HB793 Valre Welch, CPNP  6/21/18  9:13 am
Nurse Practitioners Providing Access to Care to Virginians Dr. Kelley M. Anderson, Georgetown Unviersity  6/21/18  10:33 am
Brookings Institute Report - Link Dr. Kelley M. Anderson, Georgetown Unviersity  6/21/18  10:39 am
insurance reimbursement Associates of York  6/21/18  11:38 am
HB 793 Margaret Constante  6/21/18  3:13 pm
HB 793 Judy B. Jenks  6/21/18  7:31 pm
HB 793 Maribeth Capuno RN, MSN, ANP-BC  6/21/18  7:58 pm
FNP vs Pych NP Pegasus Pychiatric and Wellness Center  6/21/18  9:15 pm
In support of HB 793 Amy Black, NP  6/21/18  9:47 pm

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