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Amend Regulations to Conform to Provisions of HB2072 of 2017 ...
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12VAC5-371-150. Resident rights.

A. The nursing facility shall develop and implement policies and procedures that ensure resident's rights as defined in §§ 32.1-138 and 32.1-138.1 of the Code of Virginia.

B. The procedures shall:

1. Not restrict any right a resident has under law;

2. Provide staff training to implement resident's rights; and

3. Include grievance procedures.

C. The name and telephone number of the complaint coordinator of the OLC, the Adult Protective Services toll-free telephone number, and the toll-free telephone number for the State Ombudsman shall be conspicuously posted in a public place.

D. Copies of resident rights shall be given to residents upon admittance to the facility and made available to residents currently in residence, to any guardians, next of kin, or sponsoring agency or agencies, and to the public.

E. The nursing facility shall have a plan to review resident rights with each resident annually, or with the responsible family member or responsible agent at least annually, and have a plan to advise each staff member at least annually.

F. The nursing facility shall certify, in writing, that it is in compliance with the provisions of §§ 32.1-138 and 32.1-138.1 of the Code of Virginia, relative to resident rights, as a condition of license issuance or renewal.

G. The nursing facility shall register with the Department of State Police to receive notice of the registration or reregistration of any sex offender within the same or a contiguous zip code area in which the facility is located pursuant to § 9.1-914 of the Code of Virginia.

H. Prior to admission, each nursing facility shall determine if a potential resident is a registered sex offender when the potential resident is anticipated to have a length of stay:

1. Greater than three days; or

2. In fact stays longer than three days.

I. The nursing facility shall not restrict the rights of a nursing home resident's family and resident's legal representative to meet in the facility with the families and legal representatives of other residents of the facility.