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Petition 10
Petition Information
Petition Title Issuance of full-time license prior to residency
Date Filed 9/1/2002   
Petitioner Cathleen A. Rea, Ph.D., for the Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists 
Petitioner's Request

To consider the issuance of a full-time license to practice clinical psychology to applicants immediately upon successful completion of their doctoral degree, clinical intership, and passing of the Examination for Professional Practice.

Agency's Plan

The Regulatory Committee of the Board will meet at 10:00 a.m. on September 10, 2002 in Conference Room 2 at 6606 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA to consider whether to recommend amendments to the licensure requirements.

Comment Period Ended 10/14/2002
Agency Decision Take no action    
Response Date 11/20/2003
Agency Decision Summary

The Regulatory Committee held two open meetings with interested parties to discuss the issues related to licensure prior to completion of a residency. After consideration of problems with the proposal related to mobility of licensure and concerns for public safety, the recommendation was that the Board should not issue a full license to applicants without completion of a residency. On December 10, 2002, the Board unanimously approved the Committee recommendation but also voted to explore the possibility of issuing a residency license for one year with the possibility of renewal.